Human Resources

* To be the employer preferred by the qualified workforce;
* To select and recruit a workforce that will carry our company into the future, possess our values, and best fit the job;
* We aim to meet the future workforce needs of our company with a global perspective and proactive approach in selection and recruitment.

Investing in Employee Development;
* To create a development environment and opportunity for employees to realize their continuous development and potential;
* It is the main responsibility of our company to ensure that managers regularly monitor employee performance by creating a culture in which employees take responsibility for development, and to support open communication regarding this.

Development and Reinforcement;
* Continuous review of systems and processes and structuring in line with needs in order to ensure the continuity of our company’s success;
* Monitoring the performance of high-potential employees and evaluating them in line with the present and future needs of our company;
* It is our priority to increase in-house assignments, transfer and rotation practices for the development of employees.

Total Wage Management and Rewarding;
* To offer competitive wages and benefits package that will increase employee loyalty;
* To encourage employees to take responsibility for their own business results;
* Recognizing and rewarding the contributions, achievements and high performance of employees; is the aim of our company.

Increasing Employees’ Motivation and Loyalty;
* To ensure the creation and dissemination of a participatory, sharing, transparent culture that values ​​diversity and creativity;
* To consider the suggestions and expectations of the employees; constantly developing approaches that strengthen commitment;
* Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, ethical work environment that takes into account the balance between work and private life.

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