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Steel Construction

Ship Building

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Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning And Painting Of Ships

Paint application is carried out as part of the painting plan after surface preparation with washing, power blasting and sandblasting in accordance with international norms and ISO standards.

With the “people first” philosophy as the guiding principle in all its activities, META Denizcilikcarries out high quality sandblasting and painting work that goes beyond the legal framework of Occupational Safety and Health legislation and provides peace of mind to both its employees and the owner of the vessel / facility.

Sandblasting And Paint And Varnish Services In Industrial Enterprises

Painting is carried out in accordance with the surface quality and the characteristics of the paint application, taking into account the storage standards in accordance with the characteristics of the territories in which steel structures, storage tanks, high-rise steel buildings, factories and workshops are located.

Application Of Fire Protective Paints

The application of fire retardant paint and the addition of a flame retardant additive are carried out in accordance with the functions of using the steel structure